I have fond, nostalgia-plated memories of growing up in Southern California, driving around my small hometown in the family minivan with my parents in December, looking at Christmas lights strung between palm trees and along the roofs of identical "California mission style" homes.

NEVER AGAIN! As part of the Obama-youth-hope generation I will spend this holiday carfree. I realized my daily planner was filling up with bikey December events, so here's a mini holiday bike guide for you.

Shmoozing and Boozing: 1000 Friends of Oregon is hosting its holiday happy hour tonight at Bridgeport. They support things like spending less money on freeways, more money on green bike and ped infrastructure, but I'm sure they'd also lobby hard for you getting crunk on spiked eggnog. Thursday, December 5, 5:30-7:30pm, Bridgeport Brewing, 1313 NW Marshall

BikeCraft: This is in our Busy Week section but, what the hell, I'm so excited I'll recommend it again. Wool bike hats? Some fuckin' hot racks? Recycled sweater bike gloves that make your hands look like cute lobster claws? I will go without Stumptown for a month so I can funnel more of my money directly into the pockets of these local crafters this weekend. Saturday, December 5, 10AM-5PM, 420 NE 9th Ave.

"Winter Wonderland Lights" at the Portland International Raceway: For the first time ever, one night of the PIR's light-stravaganza is reserved only for bikes and idyllic holiday strolls. I've never been, but the website says a giant light-up sea dragon is gonna be there, so how could it not be awesome? PedalBike tours is organizing a ride to the lights from their shop and there's also one leaving from Sunlan lightbulb shop on Mississippi. Monday, December 7th, $5 (plus bring food for the food bank)

  • YES.

Peacock Lane: This feel-good festival of lights is also going carfree for one night only. Opening night is just pedestrians, so bike over to the little street near Lone Fir Cemetery and just wander around a little. Tuesday, December 15, 5-11 pm

Bike to the Dandy Warhols XMAS Show: Some bikey peoples are meeting up and riding to the Dandy Warhols' show at the Wonder Ballroom that the band says will be "a Fellini twist on the usual Dandys holiday performance." Well, uh, the ride should be fun, anyway. Saturday, December 12 and Sunday, December 13. Details here