Blackwater Bad Men: The private security firm secretly worked hand-in-hand with the CIA raiding the houses of terror suspects in the Middle East.

Glaciers! Carbon! Media Blitz! Climate activists report from Copenhagen.

Tax Banks to Save the World: Those crazy Europeans! They come up with ideas like a "global banking tax" to fund the fight against "climate change".

Deporting Detainees: Five Americans arrested on terrorist charges in Pakistan are heading home.

A Long-Awaited Divorce: Just in time for Christmas, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's wife tells him to take a hike (for real this time).

Down the Toilet: Fancy self-automated toilet's like Portland's loo are still mistrusted in NYC.

Creepy Scientology Video: Apparently Scientologists have gotten to the voice of Bart Simpson. And she made them a video about "the crusade."

Top Cop Payouts: The O lists the millions of dollars paid out because of claims and lawsuits against the Portland Police.

Cylcocross! The National Cyclocross Championships land this weekend in Bend! I'm not there, but I predict uh... there will be mud.

Stealing Jesus: Someone snagged baby Jesus from a Beaverton front yard nativity scene. Al Qaeda? Blogtownie?