Oh, Comic Book Nerd! is, in my totally unbiased opinion, one of the best packages in our auction—and it's only going for about $200 right now (it's worth at least two times that—maybe three). It's an incredibly generous and diverse package, donated by publishers and local comic book shops, that would make a really great gift for someone who's interested in comics but not quite sure where to start. Let's take a look at what's included:

A year on Oni Press' comp list. That means you'll receive a copy of every single book Oni releases next year. I'm on the list, and it's great—I end up reading things I probably never would've picked up otherwise (James Stokoe's Won Ton Soup, for example, a culinary cowboy space opera full of inventive food writing—chefs using alien life forms as ingredients!).

•An absolutely killer package from Seattle publisher Fantagraphics. Killer? Killer. There's Heartbreak Soup by Gilbert Hernandez, and Maggie the Mechanic by his brother Jamie Hernandez; a Ghost World special edition hardcover by Daniel Clowes; a Palestine special edition hardcover by Joe Sacco (this book is effin' gorgeous); Buddy Does Seattle by Peter Bagge. As graphic novels go, these are just about as good as it gets.

Hand-selected packages from both Floating World Comics and Bridge City Comics. Portland is incredibly lucky to have some amazing comic book stores, and two of my favorites each donated a stack of titles. Jason from Floating World picked out Watchmen, issue #15 of The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror (a really weird and cool issue featuring short strips by tons of indie talents), and more. Michael from Bridge City, meanwhile, put together an eclectic box that, as he put it, "is supposed to reflect the wide range of things we like at Bridge City Comics"—from superheroes to critical darlings like The Goon and Carla Speed McNeil.

A hardcover collected edition of Jeff Lemire's Essex County, a trilogy about the hockey-loving inhabitants of a small town in Canada. It's a beautiful book, one of my favorite graphic novels in recent memory, courtesy of local publisher Top Shelf

AND! A signed picture of Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica, autographed by actress Katee Sackhoff, because... why not?

It's a really exceptional package. Bid now, please.