City Commissioner Randy Leonard has passed the fire bureau's physical agility test this afternoon, after a complaint about his climbing on the roof of the Marysville Elementary School during a fire last month, without proper certification.

Leonard: Took Fire Bureau Fitness Test Today
  • Leonard: Took Fire Bureau Fitness Test Today
Leonard completed a series of tests: lifting an extension ladder twice, taking a 24 foot ladder up and down, twice, lifting a fan into a doorway, running 50 feet with a gasoline powered fan, taking an extension ladder up twice, carrying a 150lb dummy 100 feet, carrying two 50 pound barrels 400 feet, pulling a 150lb sled 100 feet, and running up five stories with a 50 foot hose.

"I did it in 7 minutes and one second," says Leonard. "The most time you are allowed to take is eight minutes and two seconds."

The test is "very tough," he adds. "But honestly, if I'm on a fire scene doing the same kind of thing as the fire fighters, I need to be certified."

Leonard will take a defensive driving test later this week, too.

"It was good to have a goal to work towards," he adds.