Despite months of hinting that gradually turned into months of coldly ignored demands, my girlfriend is still stubbornly refusing to get me a Tauntaun sleeping bag for Christmas. Lame, right? I would sleep so soundly and so comfortably inside a Tauntaun sleeping bag! There's no way anything could ever be as great as one of holy shit look a Millennium Falcon bed!

Excuse me Princess, but do you come with the bed? BA-DUM BUM CHING!
  • "Excuse me Princess, but do you come with the bed?" BA-DUM-BUM CHING!

Okay. To be fair, this thing looks like someone just found a roundish piece of foam in a dumpster somewhere and then spent a few days scribbling on it with permanent markers—and if Princess Leia doesn't come with the bed, good luck getting anything else with a vagina within 12 parsecs of the thing. Also, who was the smartass who put these guys in the cockpit?

  • Goddammit.

io9 has more sort-of-cool-but-mostly-depressing pictures. I never thought I'd say this, but I think I'd rather have a Predator-cycle. Chicks love those things.