In a raucous signing ceremony at a northwest Washington church, Mayor Fenty officially legalized same-sex marriage in the District, distributing ceremonial pens among the Council members standing behind him. The law now will go through a period of review consisting of 30 days in which Congress is in session. If the law passes that hurdle—as is widely expected—the first gay marriages in the District could take in late winter or early spring of 2010.

Nice touch having the signing ceremony in a church. Haters insist that legalizing gay marriage is an attack on religious freedom. (Because, um, no one should be allowed to do anything that the Catholic Church or evangelical Christians disapprove of—like have premarital sex, use birth control, get divorced and remarried, or marry outside the faith. That's why all of those things are illegal, right?) But not all religious traditions oppose same-sex marriage. What about their religious freedom?