Hold onto your hats. Apparently the infamous Las Vegas stripper-mobile is headed for Portland, OR. That means this will soon be cruising Old Town:

  • Las Vegas Sun

The s-mobile, which is an advertising gimmick for Deja Vu strip clubs, has been routed from Las Vegas after safety and driving concerns shut it down. Apparently it's heading for Portland as part of a national tour. The fact that there aren't any Deja Vu strip clubs in Oregon does not seem to be as important as the fact that our nudity laws are famously loose.

From the Las Vegas Sun:

From the With three select strippers, [Deja Vu marketing chief Larry] Beard expects the truck to roll out of Las Vegas on Jan. 10, making its first stops in Southern California. That state has almost 20 Déjà Vu-operated strip clubs. The strippermobile will then go up the coast, lingering in Portland for some extra exposure.

“You can be naked up there on the street so long as you’re not aroused and not arousing anyone,” Beard contends.

So, good for Portland, bad for Portland? It's sure to create controversy, taking strip clubs into public space rather than leaving them behind closed doors where only people who so choose are subjected to booty shorts and pole dancing. The whole women in zoo-like cage is more troubling than regular strip clubs, too. Decency? Eh, whatever. But from a feminist standpoint this really pushes the women = animals created for your viewing pleasure equation. But on the other hand, it might be a highly effective traffic calming technique. Cars immediately surrounding the stripper-mobile will be driving very, very slowly.

Gawker waxed on about the safety concerns of a Strippermobile in Las Vegas: "I would say if a driver making his way down the Strip was watching a DVD of Wall-E on a television screen that covered his entire windshield while simultaneously breaking up with his girlfriend via text message and solving a complex math problem on an abacus he would be only 76% as distracted as if he was watching the stripper-mobile wend its way through Sin City."

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