While the production company Rankin/Bass produced their best known animated work Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in the Sixties, it was the Seventies that saw some of their more bizarre Holiday specials. I'm particularly fond of The Year Without a Santa Claus. In my opinion The Year (as it's known in Rankin/Bass fan communities) is the culmination of the Rankin/Bass oeuvre. I'm happy to debate that point. But before you protest, I will submit this:

If it reminds you of the hit musical Chicago (yes that's fucking Jerry Orbach performing choreography from Bob Fosse), well I'm not surprised. That's how "on the tip" the Rankin/Bass team was.

Until, of course, their unfortunate late Seventies burnout with the Buddy Hackett driven snooze fest Jack Frost, featuring a depiction of the worst Christmas ever. But we'll just forget that one.