Most gaming publishers are content to push a game out to shelves, maybe cut a few commercial spots and count the cash rolling in.

Atlus is not "most gaming publishers."

Recently the company drew widespread praise for Demon's Souls, a game that is equal parts gorgeously rendered, meticulously designed and filled with more hatred for you and everyone you love than that Nigerian guy who gave up a life of lucrative e-mail scams in an attempt to blow up a plane via DIY nutsack bomb.

Worried that gamers would lose interest in a game that exists purely to make them question their reasons for living, Atlus has been quietly launching a series of video walkthroughs to aid both greenhorn and veteran adventurers.

Consider this entry's blatant video pimping as my attempt at making the game slightly more accessible to the average person (which is actually just a thinly veiled stab at pushing the industry towards more novel games like Demon's Souls and fewer retreads like Dragon Age: Origins).

The first walkthrough can be found above, and the second two can be found below the jump. Look for more walkthrough clips as Atlus squeezes them out of its electrowomb.