So I take back that thing I said two days ago about never knowing the cost of that anti-tax Oregonian ad thanks to an change in Oregon law that makes campaign spending less transparent.

After BlueOregon, Oregon Media Central, WW and I wrote posts critical of the decision to run the wrap-around ad, the Oregonian fessed up to the cost of the ads: $44,700 for the two front page wrap-around ads, paid for by the Oregon Grocer's Association and Oregonians Against Job Killing Taxes.

The brief Oregonian article about the controversial ads also touches on a dust-up mentioned at Oregon Media Central:

The site quotes the newspaper's advertising director, Mario van Dongen, as saying he opposed political wraparound ads because "a political ad might take advantage of the placement and make it look like it's a newspaper statement." Executives say the newspaper changed its position in December.