As I mentioned a couple days ago, if newly elected Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown gets elected president, it will be the first time in American history that a "first daughter" (Ayla Brown) has been a top 16 American Idol contestant!
According to the Washington Post, Brown's wife (Gail Huff) once starred in a hilarious, early '80s Digney Fignus video called "The Girl With the Curious Hand."

After he got a Boston College law degree, [Brown] married Gail Huff, an actress who was known in Boston as the bikini-clad woman in an early-'80s Digney Fignus music video, "The Girl With the Curious Hand." In the video, Huff's curious hand poisons a drink and squirts suntan lotion in the air. ("It means different things to different people," Fignus said in an interview.)

Watch the video, and around the 1:00 mark, decide what her "squirting" means to you.

GUYS! This could be our next First Lady! HIGH FIVE!!
Hat tips to Eli!