THREE landmark hotels in Baghdad are bombed within minutes of each other, and it seems the attacks are getting more personal.

Too many doctors, not enough nurses in Haiti!

Obama vows to nearly double the child care tax credit for middle-class families. (Look who's trying to beat the Republicans at their own "populist" game.)

"Critics Pan Obama For Using Teleprompter At Elementary School Speech." Reality check: Former President Bush sacrificed thousands of troops for a useless, vindictive war. Sooo… which exactly is worse?

Saddam Hussein's cousin "Chemical Ali" is executed in Iraq. (So does that mean I can use his name for my DJ name?)

Actor Gary Coleman is arrested in Utah for failing to appear in court... and check out his mug shot! EEEEESH! Possess souls much?


Fox is salivating and ready to snap up Conan O'Brien. And unsurprisingly, the ratings for his last show were HUGE.

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: Cloudy today, scattered showers, high of 41 degrees—BUT GREAT BIKING WEATHER THE REST OF THE WEEK! WOOT!

And finally, here's a remix of Brendan Fraser's clap-tarded clap from the Golden Globes. Sorry, Ned.