(This does not include Alison Hallett who claims to have never seen a complete episode. I've never seen a complete episode of Degrassi High, so we're even.)
Did you watch last night's season premiere of Lost? THEN LET'S TALK ABOUT IT! This will be an open thread, so bring up whatever questions/theories/complaints you like. However! If you need a conversation starter hit the jump for a few of my SPOILER-RIDDEN questions/theories/complaints!

Can someone point me to the closest alternate reality bar?
  • "Can someone point me to the closest alternate reality bar?"

1) How do you feel about this alternate reality thing? Is that really what Juliette meant when she said "it worked" before she croaked?
2) Locke as smoke monster/Jacob's ex-boyfriend (okay, maybe he's not Jacob's jilted ex-boyfriend—but maybe he is!). Was tricking the Oceanic Six to come back to the island the plan all along?
3) Can everyone who's dead, just please stay dead? (Especially Juliette!)
4) Did this episode seem a little flat to you, except for maybe the Locke parts?
4) WHERE IS THIS SHOW HEADING? Grand theories, please.