A rumor comes our way via Jack Bog that the Oregonian might be considering a tabloid size for its print edition. Which would make it the same exact size as a certain other reputable Portland paper. One of Bog's readers received a phone survey last week:

The big news is that the Oregonian is considering going to a tabloid format. The interviewer did not use that term but she asked if I read the paper on a table or by holding it in front of me. She also asked me to rate how well I liked: — smaller easier to hold format; — same or more pages; — pull out sections on sports, entertainment, business, local news — depending on the day; — the sections being shaped like a magazine and stapled together; — color printing on nearly every page. She also asked about my commuting habits regarding the various TriMet modes. Based on this interview, I think that the Oregonian is going to soon change from full sheets to smaller pages.

It's not clear whether the Oregonian might follow many European papers, which have switched to a "Berliner" format, or the New York Times, which simply cut two inches off the right and left sides. We have a call out to the publisher's office for more information.