Roger Corman, you magnificent bastard. From The Hollywood Reporter's interview with Corman about two of his upcoming productions:

[Syfy] also came up with the pre-tested title Sharktopus! though the concept presented the filmmaker with a challenge. Corman might make creature features, but he wants them to be at least somewhat believable.

"Sharktopus! is more difficult because you can imagine a prehistorical crocodile like the Dinocroc, but there's no such thing as prehistoric half-shark, half-octopus," Corman said. "I tried to figure out how to do this."

The solution? The U.S. Navy has commissioned a group called Blue Water to genetically engineer a half-shark, half-octopus to help combat Somali pirate ships. Then things go wrong.

"Blue Water." Fantastic. So, who's up for a Mercury-sponsored double feature of Dinoshark and Deep Blue Sea?

Via io9.