The time has come to reluctantly say goodbye to our editorial interns Dave Bow and Ali Reingold, who are so awesome I expect to see some tears from the editors here on their last day, followed by emotional cope-drinking at Club 21. It's going to be difficult to replace them, unless... you're awesome, and you want to be our next awesome intern, too.

The requirements for editorial interns are simple: Be available to come into the office two or three times a week. Have a burning desire to share your love and enthusiasm for all the fun, weird shit Portland has to offer, including music, art, fashion, books, theater, film, and cats. Adore the Mercury, know how to turn a clever phrase, don't be afraid of the internets, and be prepared for an office environment in which... well, just about anything can happen. Litigious/humorless candidates need not apply. So, interested? Send me an email with an explanation of why the hell you're dying to provide us with free labor, a resume, and some samples of your writing (your personal blog, or unpublished samples are okay). Oh yeah, and try to be as awesome as Dave and Ali—good luck!

Your name here?