I thought the cupcake trend was dead! We'd moved from donuts to cupcakes to... tortes or something. Well shut my mouth, Wall Street Journal:

When David Arrick thought about using skills gained at an elite Wall Street law firm to transition from one job sector to another, real estate development in Dubai was his next logical career choice. When that didn't pan out, it was cupcakes. Mancakes, to be exact.


Just when things looked bleakest, Arrick found his calling. Strolling around one day in the West Village, a neighborhood in downtown Manhattan, Arrick spied people lining up around the corner for Magnolia Bakery's cupcakes. This piqued his interest in the business.

And then, reading an article about cupcakes shortly after, he found himself disgusted when the writer called them "pink and magical."

"Why did cupcakes need to be magical? They're not magical for me. Where's the masculine aesthetic?" Arrick said. "We needed to butch it up, buttercup." And so Butch Bakery, an online delivery "masculine" cupcakery was born.

This photo from The Village Voice gives a good look at the variety of mancakes available.


There is nothing manlier than eating flat houndstooth wafers.

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