How does Google see you? Find out by going to Googlism, type in your name, and the site will cross-reference your name on Google and produce a sentence that pretty much sums you up. For example, when you type in my name, here is the result:


Ha! Ha! AWESOME! And oh, so true. For comparative purposes here's what you get when you type in Erik Henriksen...


No argument there. Let's try "Portland Mercury."


Damn! This thing is right on the money so far! How about "Willamette Week"?


Though I'm not sure what "the clear" means, let's just call that four-for-four correct summations. To be fair, one of WW's Googlisms was also "willamette week is a top quality newspaper known for investigative journalism based in portland." To be extra extra fair, another was "willamette week is shit." But hey, that's Googlism's opinion, not necessarily mine. However, as mentioned earlier, "four-for-four."

SO WHAT'S YOUR GOOGLISM? It's not as awesome as mine, is it? (Show yours off in the comments below!)