Smirk brought us the entertaining story of activists playing chicken with traffic on 82nd Ave (but neglected to ask why they didn't play Frogger instead).

Alison asked Blogtownies whether or not she should do her job as our theater reviewer and see Cats. THE RESULTS MAY SURPRISE YOU!

I posted this a-mazing video from OK Go involving the most mayhem-y Rube Goldberg machine ever! (If you discount the Rube Goldberg machine that is the Mercury.)

Shockingly, this story from Smirk about ABORTION really got Blogtownies' uteruses in a knot!

Thank you, Marjorie, for bringing us this video of THE TIGHTEST PANTS IN THE WORLD (AKA the abortion machine).

Matt covers the "Beanbag Girl's" trial, exposing just how sad and fucked our judicial system can be. (It's also sad that we've labeled her "Beanbag Girl," I think.)

Beau Breedlove goes to work for the Recall Sam campaign
because he felt like "discarded trash." Since the Recall Sam campaign is also "discarded trash," he should fit right in.

Another Smirk shocker! Affordable housing in South Waterfront gets shitcanned thanks to greed and mismanagement.

"Beanbag Girl" sets her room on fire, and while other media outlets completely miss the point, Matt nails it. (Except of course, for calling her "Beanbag Girl.")

Erik is right, too! Portland must see BIRDEMIC!

Patrick's grandiose, florid review about eating octopi is given a grandiose, florid live reading by Matt! DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!!

Matt forces Blogtownies to choose between funding for bicycles or mental health. Blogtownies respond by telling him "they're both the same, doy!"

Erik announces the first ever Blogtown Oscars Guessing Contest, and unlike me, you actually give a shit!