The Hurt Locker brings home "best picture" at the Oscars. (However, Sandra Bullock also received an Oscar, which kind of takes the shine off that apple, doesn't it?) Here's the list of winners. BECAUSE YOU CARE.

Meanwhile in real Iraq, the populace lined up to vote on Sunday despite a barrage of mortars, rockets and bombs.

Machete-wielding Muslims attack a mostly Christian town in Nigeria killing 200. Make that 500.

Another earthquake! This time in Turkey, registering 6.0 and killing dozens.

Obama goes after the insurance companies in a last chance bid to get the public and sketchy Dems on the health care train.

Lil' Wayne is going to jail today... no, seriously! We mean it this time!

Florida driver causes two-car crash while shaving her bikini line. Okay, that's an acceptable excuse.

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: Cloudy with sun breaks throughout the week, watch for showers on Wednesday.

And finally, a woman brushes her teeth in the mirror. OH! And she magically transforms into Michael Jackson, too. Almost forgot that part.