Here's your disturbing news story to kick off the week, pulled together from information the police released over the weekend.

Paul Evans Winklebleck
  • Paul Evans Winklebleck
Last Thursday, March 4, two women left the Snoop Dogg show at the Roseland at about 11:30 pm. A man came up to them saying he was a "spotter" for the Portland Police and would need to escort the pair out of the area because they seemed too drunk to drive. The women told him they didn't need his help and got into their car. But the man lingered around and told the two that the police were waiting for them and would arrest them if they drove away.

The women decided to allow the man to drive their car home. They believed him when he said he worked for the police and it was his job to get them home. One of them snapped his picture with her camera from the backseat. But when he took the wheel, the man left the city on I-5 going southbound, pulled out a knife and demanded one of the women take several pills. He steered the car onto the Detroit Lake exit and stopped the car on a gravel road off the freeway.

As the car stopped, the women tried to escape. The man threatened them with a knife, but one woman managed to escape and ran toward a nearby house, where neighbors called 911. While her friend took refuge, the second woman broke free and hid. The Sheriff's office found both women and the car, but the suspect, who turned out to be a 42-year-old with an outstanding warrant for sex abuse in the third degree named Paul Evans Winklebleck, had fled. If you see Winklebleck, call 911. Immediately.

A near miss for the two women. It's scary stories like these that inspire urban legends and rumors of rape that float around the Internet like ghost stories. But this one is from the police, so I will assume it's legitimate and therefore terrifying. More info and another photo of Winklebleck below the cut.

Police say that Winklebleck may be driving a dark green GMC Sonoma pickup with an Oregon license plate of 289EP. He also uses the last names Sullivan and Rose.

Anyone with information concerning this investigation is asked to call Detective Michele Michaels at 503-823-0635. In case you're curious, the Portland Police do not employ anyone who escorts drunk drivers home.

Here's another photo of Winklebleck. Crime Stoppers is offering up to a $1000 for any information that leads to his arrest:


Update 2:59 PM: This gets worse. According to a new police update, Winklebleck has a neck tattoo reading "Combative for God".