Actor Corey Haim (not Corey Feldman!) is dead at the age of 38 of a possible drug overdose. Updates to come.

Americans polled about health care still like Obama, but really detest Congress.

German Catholics launch a sexual abuse investigation... that could involve the Pope's brother?? JUICY.

A man luckily survives his run-in with a runaway Toyota Prius. Has anybody considered these cars might be like the one in Christine?

The late Farrah Fawcett was omitted from the Oscars "in memory of" segment because, according to producers, she was "better known as a TV actress." Umm... EXCUSE ME! Have they never seen The Cannonball Run? Rrowr! Rrowr!

Starting today Google Maps is adding BIKE LANES. (I hope they take pictures during the annual nude bike ride!)

Things are sure to get hot and heavy today as Mayor Adams pitches his $20 million bike plan to council. Matt will have all the deets as we get them, so stick close to Blogtown today!

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: Mostly cloudy today, showers and rain tomorrow and Friday. Half-way decent weekend, though!

And finally, here's the original theatrical trailer for Corey Haim's cinematic masterwork (and my personal fave) License to Drive. Godspeed, Mr. Haim.