In this week’s Last Supper, I took you on a journey to Olympic Provisions with a quartet of Olympians. Consider it a “the names have been changed to protect the innocent” type situation, with the good stuff put into the mouths of archetypes. Fun!

You may have noticed (though probably didn’t) toward the end of the review/tale I neglected to describe the salt seared scallops, ordered “in honor of Poseidon” (damn, I’m a nerd).

The lowdown on the salt seared scallops is they’re just as good as everything else on the menu. They share a plate with wedges of grapefruit and a ginger beurre blanc, which makes the entire dish a bit tricky. The trick is that the texture of the scallops matches the texture of the grapefruit almost exactly. So, as the buttery saltiness of the tender diver scallop is replaced by the sweet tanginess of the grapefruit, there is almost no change in the mouth feel. Again, fun! Poseidon would be honored.

If you haven’t stopped in to Olympic Provisions [107 SE Washington], you should. It’s a great spot. And they’ve just announced they’re now open on Saturdays.