I really try to maintain an upbeat positive attitude at work. I really do. However, sometimes, the news team just sucks it out of me. Case in point: A little while ago, I entered the newsroom with what I thought was a great idea—Mayor Adams is trying to stage the world's longest game of "Telephone" tomorrow morning in order to attract Google to choose Portland as one of their sites to test their ultra high speed network (hence more jobs/faster internet). Find out where to show up for the game HERE.
Meanwhile, the mayor of Sarasota, Florida is trying his own tact to woo Google to their town which is... jumping into a tank filled with SHARKS.

"So," I said to the newsroom, "you guys should write a blog post about how Adams needs to up his game—because the Sarasota mayor is willing to be eaten by SHARKS, guys!!"
"Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh... yeah," Matt droned in response. "You should write that, Steve."
"Ehhhhhhhhhhhh...," droned Sarah in agreement. "That would be a great post for you to write."
"But don't you guys think since you cover city hall that..." I started.

That's when I collapsed (as pictured above). Another victim of the newsroom's innate ability to suck the desire to live out of any human they encounter.
I suppose I should be grateful they displayed enough energy to take a picture.