Fajita tacos from Jaimes Spanish Village
  • Fajita tacos from Jaime's Spanish Village

Bands seen
: Eight full sets, start to finish
Tacos: two (grand total: five)
Shows I failed to get into: none
Overall drunkenness (1 to 100, a la WW's new movie rating system): afternoon score 96; evening score 20

Today I opted to stick around only a handful of showcases start to finish, instead of running around trying to see everything all at once. I woke up at a reasonable hour, but neglected to eat breakfast, as I was uninformed that breakfast tacos were just around the corner from the hotel at the IFC studio (thanks for nothing Ezra). So I was ill-equipped to enter the Insound showcase and their offer of $3 all-you-can-drink beer.

You can guess what happened next. Click over to End Hits to read the full report, which includes Broken Social Scene, tacos from Jaime's, and something with the diabolical name of Mike's Hard Mango Punch.