Well, it is Sunday again. Go figure. It's also cloudy and chilly outside after a couple glorious days here in Portland. So you might as well put on some coffee, sit around and read the news. Hey, yeah! That sounds like a great idea!

WHATS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE: Bart I love fetuses Stupak and Barack Hussein Obama.
  • WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE: Bart "I love fetuses" Stupak and Barack "Hussein" Obama.
House Democrats in Washington DC say they have the votes to pass healthcare reform (that's #hcr for you tweetin' cats) today, sometime after 5 pm EDT.

Yesterday's negotiations on the bill brought hordes of tea-partyin' protesters outside the Capitol, where they shouted slurs at Barney Frank and civil rights leader John Lewis, and spat on Emanuel Cleaver. I refuse to take these tea partiers seriously until they start doing this.

More in dumb racist: a 16-year-old boy is charged with getting on a Walmart's PA system and telling all black people to leave.

Some nerd writer for a nerd magazine writes about a nerdy plan to bring broadband Internet (huh-woah!) to nerds in rural areas.

Speaking of rural nerds: scientists try to stop spotted-wing fruit flies from devastating Oregon's crops. I'm pretty sure we looked at those in 10th-grade Bio class.

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A five-month drought in Southwestern China has left 20 million people without drinking water.

This week in YA THINK?!?: UN official says the Israeli blockade is to blame for the suffering in Gaza.

EYJAFJALLAJOKULL!!! That's the volcano that's spewing all over Iceland, forcing hundreds of people to evacuate. BJÖRK.

Góðan daginn!