As I was riding past East Burnside just now, I witnessed a dour Circle K employee scrubbing a circled A off the wall of the convenience store. Evidence of last night's anti-cop protest is already succumbing to bleach.

Graffiti from last nights protest
  • Megan Driscoll
  • Graffiti from last night's protest

But the activists are taking no rest! The Cascadia Convergence Network just sent out an email announcing another anti-police rally tonight at 6 PM in a location they describe as "Colonel Sumners park."

"Cops, Pigs, Murderers!" begins the email, launching into a description of last night's 50-person protest that marched up Burnside.

"The resistance took to the streets and left some minor destruction in their path to the precinct. The cops nest of filth was guarded by dozens of their fellow assailants who set up a police barricade on the block. Some toting riot gear and high powered rifles the pigs showed full force in order to guard their doors so that the resistance didn’t smash its way in demanding justice!"

Tonight's rally will be a "general assembly and march to oppose police violence" says the email, closing with

No racist police
No racist state
Anarchy = Equality

So be prepared.