Police Shooting in Hoyt Arboretum Sparks Protest: The medical examiner's office is performing an autopsy this morning on the white man in his 40s who was shot and killed yesterday by an officer.

Republicans Want Health Care Repeal: No sooner did the historic bill pass than John McCain is promising to repeal healthcare reform if you give him money. Some states, including Washington say they'll file suit against the bill.

ACORN Will Shut Down: Nuts to you! Plagued by scandal, though acquitted of wrongdoing, affordable housing and community group ACORN is closing up shop.

Google Vs. China, Round IX: Google sends Chinese users to its uncensored Hong Kong site! China strikes back with a blow!

Smokes on the Beach: California is trying to ban smoking in state parks and beaches.

Christian Scientists Investigate Modern Medicine: Faith healing just isn't so popular these days.

Plastic Bottle Boat Sets Sail: Crossing the Pacific on a vessel of trash.

Giant Banana Museum Shutting Down: Wacky proprietor says, "It's time to split." (no, really)


Health Care in Oregon: What does reform mean here?

Bed Bugs Coming to Eat You: RUUUNN!