How’s this for crazy:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture shows that chicken wings were wholesaling at 68 cents a pound at the turn of the millennium. But by last year, that price had more than doubled, to $1.47 a pound.

That little tidbit comes courtesy a story on NPR today regarding the high price, and resulting “innovation,” of buffaloed chicken wings.

The upshot of the story? As wings become more popular, they become more expensive. Meanwhile, the price of chicken breast is falling. Thus, the boneless chicken wing (made from dissembled chicken breasts) emerges.

All this brings to mind one of the worst wing experiences I’ve ever had. It was at Buffalo Wild Wings (natch) where the wife and I had stopped during a Saturday playing downtown to catch an NCAA tournament game.

I remember the wings seemed absolutely artificial. They had bones, sure, but the way the meat and the bone worked together… I had the sneaking suspicion that the meat had somehow been adhered to a reusable bone-like structure.

Needless to say, I have not returned. I’ll stick with Fire on the Mountain (1708 E. Burnside) and the smoked wonders at Nepo 42 (5403 Northeast 42nd), thanks.

Where are you getting your pricey wings these days, Blogtownies?