They just keep adding comics! How are we ever supposed to keep up? But hey, the best problem one could have, no? So let's keep at it and...

Meet Kyle Kinane

This dude is acerbic and awesome. Unlike a lot of the hotter Bridgetown acts, Kinane, from Los Angeles, works mainly in standup (whether that's because he's to gnarly for TV or just prefers the stage is anyone's guess). Check Kinane out—his mix of raw real life horror stories and totally bananas imagination will shatter your alcohol soaked brain (because at Bridgetown we'll all be nicely toasted, yes?).

And finally, one for all the bikers. I too have felt this pain—a $250 ticket for riding my bike through a red light in Eugene. "Are you serious?" I screamed in disbelief after being pulled over, sirens ablaze. "Serious as a heart attack," the officer huffed.