According to the O, state campaign records released today show that Columbia Sportswear CEO Tim Boyle has donated another $10,000 to the crumbling "Recall Recall Sam Adams" campaign. So far the campaign has only managed to generate 10,000 signatures, and they have less than a month to get 32,183 Portlanders to sign on the dotted line.
As we reported on Monday, much of this new money will be going to paid signature gatherers. On the upside, it's nice to know that Columbia Sportswear is doing so well they can throw $10 grand toward the misguided whims of an aging, angry business community. Of course, if you're a Columbia Sportswear employee who was recently turned down for a raise, or got laid off, I can't imagine you're very happy about this news.
For those unhappy people, there's still another recall campaign you can join...