We at Blogtown would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Mr. Leonard Nimoy! That’s right, "old Spock" is 76 today in human years, which would make him about 150-something in Vulcan years. (Coincidentally, "hundredfiftysomething" was a little-known failed Star Trek spin-off wherein Spock owned an intergalactic advertising agency with Emmy Award-winner Timothy Busfield. The pilot featured extended scenes with the pair hanging out playing airlock basketball and talking about what a bitch it was to live in a post Earth-Romulan war Vulcan.)

We could talk about Mr. Nimoy's acting. We could talk about his photography. We could even talk about his music. But today, I think it would be more poignant to quote one of his many amazing poems.

I know for a FACT that film editor Erik Henriksen carries this one in his wallet (and also has a copy on his iPhone). I believe it’s also known as “the Nerd's Credo”

I may not be

I may not be the fastest
I may not be the tallest
Or the strongest

I may not be the best
Or the brightest

But one thing I can do better
Than anyone else...

That is

To be me

Thank you, Mr. Spaceman.