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In one of the more important games in the past few months, the Portland Trail Blazers knocked off the Oklahoma City Thunder in impressive fashion, 92-87. The road victory gave Portland a temporary tiebreaker with OKC (the two teams met again on April 12th, this time at the Rose Garden), and the sixth seed in the Western Conference standings. (Technically there are three teams—San Antonio, OKC, and Portland—tied for that spot, but Portland has the tiebreaker. If I explain it any more, it'll get really confusing.)

Lead by the dusty bones of Marcus Camby (his third consecutive double-double), Andre Miller (26 points), and Juwan Howard (clutch shooting in the final minutes), the Blazers overcame poor shooting from Brandon Roy and held off a late rally from a Thunder team that is quickly becoming the youthful darlings of the NBA. It's a crown that Portland used to wear, until the team imported the veteran presence of Miller/Howard/Camby. The Blazers have eight games remaining before the playoffs, and those are split evenly at home and on the road, and between teams with winning and losing records. Looks like that 50-win season that seemed like an unrealistic dream back in December is about to become a reality.