Beau Breedlove has struck back at those who may have described him as a "fame seeker" in the comments on an earlier Blogtown post, linking to his comments on the recall. I am aiming STERN LOOKS in your direction, Kiala Kazebee.

*And on another note-
By Beau Breedlove on Uncategorized

To all those people who have linked to my site, aka A PERSONAL BLOG- and have sent me nasty e-mails, or are commenting on online articles linked to my blog, try to get some brains. You make comments like I’m a fame seeker, and out for the attention, and a douchebag. Well, doesn’t it seem odd that I am not the one posting these links on online websites, some low-level media idiots are. Then, you people that HATE me are taking the time out of your day to read my blog and then post nasty comments.

Grow up, it’s the people like you who have no self confidence or morals, and chose to hide behind stupid screen names. Picking at everyone else in the world, anonymously, because you know in all reality you know nothing about me, or any of the other people you write about online. In reality, YOU are the loseres, and YOU are the worthless, low life’s who need to go away.

When it comes down to it, I let everyone think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do and say nasty things, then I’m already better than them. To those of you who are kind, good people, who understand and support people like myself, remember that- If people take the time to bother with what you’re doing, and then try to be cruel to you, don’t worry about it because you’re already better than all of them.

Quit the hating!