Hello! Welcome to today's LOST Discussion Group! I'm Wm. Steven Humphrey and I like to use exclamation marks! Did you see last night's episode, entitled "The Package" featuring Jin and Sun? THEN LET'S TALK ABOUT IT! As usual, I'll kick off the convo with a few ill-informed and spoilery discussion starters after the jump! SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? LET'S TALK LOST!! EXCLAMATION MARK!!


1) So was the title of this episode "The Package" referring to Sun's awesome breasts? I'm sorry but I really don't remember a lot after those babies popped out!
2) However, this seemed to be another one of those in-betweener episodes which didn't really reveal a whole lot. Agree, disagree?
3) My new favorite character to hate? Widmore's drippy geophysicist who looks like an ugly Tina Fey!
4) I'm REALLY starting to like Keamy's Christopher Walken impersonation, and hope to see him in some more flashbacks!
5) Somebody please remind me: When was the last time we saw Desmond and what was he doing? Sun's breasts have wiped my memory, and now I can only speak Korean!