So this is what a tough campaign season looks like in Portland. In the tight race for Metro President the two progressive candidates are trying to lure voters not with a cut-throat campaign and exclusive fundraisers but a knock-down, drag out picnic vs. bike ride battle!

Candidate Rex Burkholder kicks off the competition by hosting a bike ride on the morning of April 18th, inviting voters to head up the Springwater Corridor for a 15 mile or 30 mile loop and learn about his campaign.

Then on May 1st, Bob Stacey is hosting a "May Day Play Day" in Colonel Summers Park. Portlanders will spend an hour or two canvassing door-to-door for Stacey and then meet up in the park for a picnic and "Brats for Bob" grill out.

God, what a hard-knock town we live in.

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