Great move guys: Maya made one of the best career decisions in her life by dropping off this season's Project Runway—she was astute enough to know she was never going to win, and besides, her leaving made the return of Anthony, who by far has the most charming personality of the bunch, possible. And, in another Heidi challenge, red carpet blah blah, he made everyone even happier with an evening gown that I loved almost as much as guest judge Jessica Alba, who actually requested to borrow it:

Seth Aaron, our adopted pop-punk golden boy from the north (Vancouver), did not do as well, finally taking it on the chin for once from the judges, for being borrring. And yes, silly, of course there were studs! See it and find out who won and lost, plus where Seth Aaron is going to be tonight, after the break.


Let him cry on your shoulder tonight at Anne Bocci from 6-9 pm, where you can shake the man's hand and pick up one of his pieces for your very own.


What, no zippers?! It's cute! Anyhow, just one flub-up that landed him in the bottom for one competition wasn't enough to make me worry—I knew they weren't going to cut Seth A last night. So, Jonathan had to go, for his admittedly rushed (this was his third dress) mess of a dress:


(I would have rather seen Mila go...)

On the plus side, Anthony was one of the two winners of the challenge (enough with the double-wins!), and deservedly so. The other was Emilio, whose dress I didn't like personally (I hate the asymmetrical doodad on the bodice), but it was expertly cut and the sparkly fabric, which initially repelled me, looked great under the lights.


Stay tuned for next week. I don't know who's going to get kicked off the team next, but the preview featured a crying Jay—not a good sign.