I hope you've spent this week fluffing your pillow, because tomorrow is INTERNATIONAL PILLOW FIGHT DAY—which means tons of flash mobbish pillow fights breaking out all over the world, and right here in Portland. Our pillow fight is scheduled to kick off at 2 pm in Pioneer Square., but just in case you're a newbie to the pillow fighting game, here are some tips from Pillow Fight League World Champion Charley Davidson (via Asylum) on how to correctly flog someone with a pillow. Listen. Learn.

1. Get a grip
"Think about how you hold the pillow. I mainly use a one-handed grip on one corner, keeping both a bit of pillow and a bit of case in my hand. Most importantly, hold the pillow from the open end — otherwise you're going to find yourself with a handful of pillowcase and nothing else."

2. Stabilize, then shuffle
"A stable stance allows for maximum control, swing power and defense. Don't overextend, because you'll throw yourself off-balance. When you have to move, do it by shuffling, but avoid crossing your feet because this will leave openings for your opponent."

3. Add variety
"Vary your attacks. Getting too comfortable in one rhythm will make your pattern predictable and allow your opponent to foresee your movements and take advantage."

4. Be creative
"There's more to pillow fighting than swinging. Create a persona and get a costume. You don't necessarily have to go down to Mexico City to get a custom-made costume like I did, but bring a little bit of personal style to your pillow fighting. This will help you draw out your inner eye of the tiger."

5. Show good sportsmanship
"Be respectful of your opponent and keep the safety of others in mind — especially if you're going to be involved in a large-scale public pillow fight. If you go nuts, you're going to cause your friendly neighborhood organizers troubles in arranging future public pillow fight events, not to mention give the fine sport of pillow fighting a bad name.

Here's the PDX Pillow Fight from 2006. Stop it, you guys! Seriously! I've got a feather in my eye!