Portland cop Kyle Nice—implicated in the death of schizophrenic James Chasse, Jr.—was in a road rage incident yesterday in which he approached another motorist with a gun while his six-week-old baby was in the backseat alongside two bottles of propane. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

Another mine explosion, this time in West Virginia where four men are believed to be trapped.

The Vatican claims the current "hate campaign" directed at the Pope is because of his stance on abortion and same sex marriage. No... but we hate him for that, too.

180 injured and 21 deaths as protesters riot in Kyrgyzstan.

In other protest news, the Prime Minister of Thailand declares a state of emergency after protesters break into Parliament and force lawmakers to escape via helicopter!

Natural disaster of the day: Heavy rains and deadly mudslides in Rio, killing at least 100.

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy announce they are splitting up... VIA TWITTER. (I guess sometimes 140 characters is all you need.)

Meanwhile a shop manager in England is fired... VIA TEXT MESSAGE. (Dude, firing someone via Twitter is so much cooler!)

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: Sunny and 62 today, showery/windy tomorrow, and then nice through the weekend! WOOT NOW!

And finally, this video of two women and a bus driver in a knock-down, drag-out is entertaining enough on its own—but holy crap! I am in LOVE with the Detroit Fox 2 news team! Can we please just do a local news team trade with Detroit? Just for a week?