Two interesting things about Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill Bradbury's first commercial, which the campaign released today.

One: The commercial is set to peppy music, perhaps from a keytar.

Two: Bradbury is putting his Multiple Sclerosis (MS) front and center in the campaign. He introduces himself in this spot with reference to his disability and his campaign slogan ("Get Oregon Rolling") is a reference to his Segway, which he uses because of his disease. Seeing as Bradbury's opponent in the May primary, John Kitzhaber, is the image of masculine strength and virility, it's interesting that Bradbury is making his disability part of his campaign, rather than downplaying it. I think that's brave and admirable, but it's also smart politics. Since many voters decide elections based on looks, Bradbury might not be doing himself any favors by not addressing his Segway and iffy health.

This is in the tradition set out by Steve Novick, who reminded Oregon voters in his senate bid that he can open a beer excellently with his hook.