Screw Wieden and Kennedy for making an ad so sick, yet stimulating, that not only is everybody disgusted by it, they're also, kind of, talking about it, and making parodies that are funny, and ultimately, shifting more product for Nike, even though it's sick and unfortunate. And yes, SCREW W&K for compelling me to blog about their stupid ad. Which in turn, gives it attention, which in turn only underlines my powerlessness to resist their world dominance and ultimate power. Unless...I were to shoot myself in the face!

But I don't want to do that. So instead, here's one of the best parodies of the ad that I've seen, which features the "Daniel after Dentist" audio over the ad, to hilarious effect. Still, I'm sure W&K probably saw the viral potential of parodies of the ad when they were making it. And that's somewhat awful, too.

I over-think things.