In this edition of Saturday Morning Cartoon, we take a break from animation to enjoy some "live action" action! In the '60s classic Saturday morning variety show The Banana Splits Adventure Hour, there was a show within a show entitled Danger Island—a five minute live action soap opera about a family of scientists who run afoul of pirates and end up trapped on... you guessed it... a dangerous island. And it was well named, too, because shit is ALWAYS going down on Danger Island. This cliff-hanging series is notable because it was a) kinda racisty—though not so much in this episode—because of a chattering character named "Chongo" b) was directed by Richard Donner—who went on to helm Lethal Weapon and The Goonies, and c) co-starred Jan-Michael Vincent who later went on to star in cult faves White Line Fever, Damnation Alley, Airwolf, and eventually become an obliteration drunk who allegedly kicked his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach. NICE.
Anyhoo, in this early episode, the scientist family is captured by a bunch of rapey, banana eating pirates (??) while Jan-Michael's character fights off a shark AND a leopard in the same short four-minute episode? They should call this "FREAKING BONKERS ISLAND."

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