Pedal Nation bike show descended on the Convention Center this weekend, showcasing the regular crowd of Portland bike business and giving bike nerds the chance sit in on lectures from Portland's bike literati (Mia Birk, Joe Kurmaskie) and, of course, view the latest in custom alcohol-transportation technology.

Can cage from Walnut Studios
Ahearne Cycles taking it up a notch.

Recumbent Riderzzz
  • Recumbent Riderzzz

What'd you guys think of the show? Did you go? More photos from the show (plus from the jaw-dropping party that followed the show: TEAM BEER'S full body waxing competition) below the cut.

Hopworks Keg Bike fueled the show.
  • Hopwork's Keg Bike fueled the show.



So Team Beer got a new sponsor recently—Wax On, the waxing spa that has a couple locations around town. What better way to celebrate the new sponsor than to see which male bike team member can get the most hair ripped out of his body? A boozy crowd looked on in horror, filling Wax On's East Burnside store Saturday night.


The guy in the blue cap won. But really, we all lost.
  • The guy in the blue cap won. But really, we all lost.