Phil Mickelson can leave his tacky green jacket at home, because tonight is the opening night of Holocene's Minigolf Art Invitational and the last thing that matters here is your actual golfing ability.

Now in its fifth year, the Minigolf Art Invitational is a dizzying course of artist-created holes, many of which are nearly impossible to complete, especially with a drink in your free hand. Speaking as a 25-over-par golfer (don't judge me), the course is an absolute blast, combining all the silliness of minigolf with the visual splendor of some of Portland's finest artists. Instead of outsmarting a spinning windmill, or cramming your balls in a clown's mouth (just like you did on your eighth birthday), there are no traditional minigolf holes to be found here. This year's event promises "3-D technology," a "cardboard wilderness," and even a "hungry robot." Regardless of the course obstacles, get ready to fail and have a good time doing so.

Holocene's Fifth Annual Minigolf Art Invitational runs tonight and tomorrow. Doors open at $5 and admission is $8 (this includes a club and a ball).