A friend of mine was at the Chi-Chi MAC Club last night, downing cocktails made from the blood of poor people. At the same time, there was a candidate forum going on across town, discussing the impact of the city's Major League Soccer deal on Portland.

"I don't believe that we will have gained a lot at the end of the day with this deal," said Jesse Cornett, who is running against Dan Saltzman. "We will have gained debt. But nobody knows where the Portland Beavers will be next season. We gained the ability to pay $150,000 a year in welfare to the billionaire Paulson family, and both of those things, I think, are wrong."

It would have been interesting to hear Commissioner Dan Saltzman address the question, but he showed up an hour late, and missed it. Remember—Saltzman's own uncle played for the Beavers. Uncle Saltzman even came to council in January, begging his nephew to reconsider the deal.

My rich, corrupt pal estimated that not more than 200 people attended the Beavers game last night. He says there was vocal bitching about the deal with the city on the balcony, before it was time for another Martini.


This is depressing.