You read that right! If the networks are gonna be unfair and schedule our two favorite shows (Lost and Glee) at the same time, then EFF IT! We'll just talk about both! Or just one of them! Or neither! THAT'LL SHOW 'EM!

Sooo… in last night's LOST, the episode was all about Hurley in which we learned two things: 1) Being cavalier with sticks of leaky dynamite is never a good idea, and 2) take it from me, while dating crazy women is initially fun, it tends to turn sour during the divorce proceedings. Also, I'll have some more spoilery discussion questions after the jump, so c'mon! LET'S TALK LOST!


AND… let's talk GLEE! It was the season premiere of America's most gay-tastic show (this side of RuPaul's Drag Race) and we learned two things 1) hitting someone in the face with a Slushie is absolutely hilarious (although for some reason Patrick Coleman doesn't share my hilarity), and 2) while drugging and sexually blackmailing your boss to get your job back is kind of unethical—hey, it's worked for me on a number of occasions. Anywhoop, I'll have some spoilery discussion questions after the jump, so c'mon! LET'S TALK GLEE!


1) Seriously, is that the way you handle leaky dynamite? And NO ONE is going to tell her??
2) So wait a second, Hurley (fat though he may be) is one of the richest men in sideways world and he still can't get a date? I call bullshit on that.
3) I was not particularly happy to see Michael—however, if it means the return of WALT in the final episode? I'm okay with that.
4) Any theories about who that weird kid was that Desmond and SmokeyLocke ran into in the jungle?
5) Why do you think Desmond ran over Locke in his car? That's like two nice cars he's fucked up in two weeks!

1) Should Rachel stick with the hunkie hottie from Vocal Adrenaline?
2) Is Will, like, the Tiger Woods of Glee?
3) What was your fave song of the night, and which was the most awful ever?
4) General question: Do the songs in this show help or hurt?
5) For me this show always teeters on the edge of awesomeness and butt-clenching terribleness. What would absolutely ruin it for you?