For all its dubious influence in the actual fashion industry, Project Runway is about 400% more interesting when there's a local contender. So far our neck of the woods has pretty much kicked ass. As we all remember, Leanne Marshall wiped the floor with the competition, and Vancouver's Seth Aaron is more than holding his own on the current season. (Okay, Janeane Marie may have fallen out of the race, but she's one of my favorite local designers anyway, so in my eyes she's a winner.) If you're a designer who thinks you can keep the winning streak going (and you're willing to become reality TV-famous), consider buying a train ticket next weekend: Bravo is holding an open call at the Art Institute of Seattle next Saturday (4/24) from 10 am-6 pm. You have to be at least 21, but other than that it's pretty open. "Have vision," etc. Here are the deets:

Attending a casting call is the best way to be considered for the show! Applicants who attend these casting calls will be required to bring a portfolio of their work, three articles of clothing that they have created and which best showcase their designs, a current resume, one piece of government-issued photo ID, a non-returnable photo of themselves, and a completed application form. FOR MORE INFORMATION and TO DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION, go to You must bring your completed application and all other supporting materials to the casting call.

If you make it I promise to watch (just about) every episode until you are kicked off. Promise.


I still think it's fishy that Heidi Klum is a Swimsuit Illustrated and Victoria's Secret underwear model, but has never really been a fashion model. But, you know... whatever.