In 2008, Floating World Comics proprietor Jason Leivian began publishing Diamond Comics, a free newspaper featuring experimental art and comics from around the world. He's put out four issues so far, and he's gearing up for the fifth, which promises some pretty exciting changes.

First of all, the entire issue will be in full color; second, the print run will be quintupling, from 2,000 to 10,000; third, 9,000 of those issues will be included as a free insert in the 4/22 issue of the Mercury. (That's the issue that will also feature our Stumptown Comics Fest coverage. Spoiler alert: We're running tons of comics reviews, as well as a preview comic drawn by Carolyn Main!)

Diamond #5 features a center spread by Cleon Peterson, as well as work from some of Jason's favorite artists from previous issues: Derek Ballard (Diamond #4), Michael Deforge (Diamond #4), Stanley Lieber (Diamond #1), Benjamin Marra (Diamond #2), Panayiotis Terzis (Diamond #3), and Pete Toms (Diamond #1).

To help cover the higher print costs of this run, Jason is raising funds on Kickstarter. He needs to raise $2,000 by April 22—he's already 70% of the way there, and with seven days left, he needs to raise just $600 more. I just pledged $10; my first ever Kickstarter donation, it funneled through my Amazon account and was all very painless and now I feel quite good about myself. And local comics.

Pledge to support Diamond #5 here.