Governor Badass: When an elderly man collapsed, frothing at the mouth, during last night's gubernatorial debate, candidate (and former ER doc) John Kitzhaber sprang into action, administering first aid until paramedics arrived. The man survived!

Pope: Repent!! Pope Benedict XVI says the church is under global attack, so Christians must repent and "realize what is wrong with our lives."

Foreclosures Peak: US home foreclosures hit a five-year high.

Russian Baby Debacle: Russia halts all American adoptions of Russian children.

Women: Dying Less Often. Maternal mortality rate declines for perhaps the first time in history.

Voices of the Tea Party: Did anyone ask for this? At least we will finally be able to hear what Roach McKrackin has to say.


Wolf Hunting: The first open season on once-endangered Rocky Mountain wolves leaves 1/4 of the population dead.

The 20 Most Powerful Lesbians in Politics: Rachel Maddow tops the list.

Bike Rack Crackers! KGW picks up a story about bike thieves who unbolted a bike rack to steal a bike. Aaaaa! Nowhere is safe!

Is Portland a Leader or "Just Strange"? The Economist asks, "What's all this sustainability hubub about?"

Free Green Coffee: Starbucks will give you free coffee if you bring in your mug. Because they're so green.