AUNTIE CHRIST—A couple days before Record Store Day officially hits, the one and only Exene Cervenka rolls through town for a rare in-store performance on the balcony inside Music Millennium. Battling multiple sclerosis, Cervenka tours less than she would like, but she still has that captivating voice and energy from her days with X. EAC
Music Millennium, 3158 E Burnside, 7 pm, FREE, all ages

WANNA PLAY?—One of the most anticipated movies of the year, the gleefully violent and darkly hilarious Kick-Ass follows a nerdy kid who decides to become a superhero—but unlike Peter Parker, this dweeb has jack shit for superpowers. The flick opens Friday, but's Cort and Fatboy are hosting what's sure to be a boisterous sneak preview—and if you come dressed as a superhero, you'll score free popcorn and soda! EH
Roseway Theater, 7229 NE Sandy, 10 pm, $7

As always, all your cosplay bases are covered at My, What a Busy Week!